Cameron & Grace Wedding

I am so honored that Grace and Cameron chose me to capture their special day.

I was a little worried about the chance of rain on their day because it was about 80% most of the time and the wedding was planned to be outside. I usually am pretty relaxed because panicking doesn’t really help anyone and you just do what you have to do to make this day the most beautiful and memorable day!!

Started out the day with detail shots, Sun was shining and it was just absolutely stunning.

Look at these beautiful invitations!
This RING IS probably my favorite ring OF ALL TIME.. I mean its just absolutely gorgeous!!
Grace, You’re so beautiful!
Hair was perfection
and held up so well through the rain and everything
We all had lots and lots of laughs
Groomsmen socks on point 😝
Right when we were going to take the groomsmen photos it started POURING rain. We waited a few minutes until it was just drizzling and these guys did great and braved it with me! I may have had to do quit a bit of rain spot removals!! But its defiantly worth it.
This is always such a special moment and its always one of my favorite things to photograph
I mean come on! How stunning and can we just give a big thanks for the sunshine and perfect weather after the rain!
I could post so many more photos of Grace but in order to get the rest of the wedding I will try to keep to a minimal
Ok, just one more because WOW 😍
How adorable!!!!
They’re so sweet
I love this venue it is so dreamy.
They got to have their outdoor location even though there was a little drizzle in the middle of the ceremony
Mr & Mrs!!
I always love at least one tradition couple photo!
I love this one!!!
beautiful reception!
Lots of laughs from these two!

I can only fit so many photos in a blog but I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of their special and beautiful day ❤️

  1. Wanda Scott says:

    It Was A Beautiful Wedding, Those Two Are So Made For Each Other, Everything About It Was So Professional, You”ve Done A Fantastic Job . Loved It !!!!!!

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