Staying Thankful Where you Are

This is the background I envision when I think about a creative’s home.

It seems that every photographer or creative I follow on social media has these amazing homes with all the nature lighting and all the modern decor that looks perfect.

Now, I know that it’s not just me that looks at social media and thinks that everyone else’s life Is so much more glamorous than your own. When in reality not every creatives life looks the same and so what? Who’s really going to care where you live when your job and passion is to capture love and see things through a different lens. I personally struggle with feelings of inadequacy and jealousy of what other people have but you never know what that person that you’re jealous of struggles with because it could be more than you could ever imagine.

I wanted to take some in home photos of us before I did the ones that were scheduled for clients and I can not tell you all how much appreciation I have for this man. He worked a full day came home exhausted and let me set up the tri-pod and take some self portraits. This is the only place in the house I told him we were allowed to take photos because I didn’t want to show off the hunter green countertops or the dark wood paneling and in hind site maybe I should have because you know what? It’s not that bad it’s just a personal insecurity of what other people might think. I am so thankful for this house we have made a home. Sure, it doesn’t look like much were renting a single wide trailer on a country highway surrounded by cows. But you know what makes me the happiest is walking out Side and seeing beautiful field of cattle and the sunset is the most beautiful scenery you will see.

Photo of our back yard.

So, even though sometimes we struggle or gripe doesn’t mean we aren’t immensely blessed to be where we are in life. Sometimes it takes picking yourself up out of bed and looking how far you’ve come and make a reasonable goal of where you want to be in a year. Something that encourages me more and more is to see someone who doesn’t seem to have much at all and see their cup is always full of joyfulness. I encourage you to read a book or listen to a podcast of someone who has gone through serious trails that make yours seem like a grain of sand compared to a sand castle. I really loved the book Odd(ly) Enough by Carolanne Miljavac. There’s nothing I love more than an honest, humor filled Jesus loving Women and she is all that, y’all!

And.. I am so thankful and excited that we are about to build our home hopefully breaking ground soon and of course I will keep you all updated on how that all goes!!

If you’ve made it this far I just want to say a sincere thank you!

Please leave a comment with any thoughts or things that you’ve struggled with and overcome because you never know how might read this TODAY that needs to hear a word of encouragement.

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