Alexa & Shaphan {Wedding}

Dec. 14 2018 I started my day out possibly stressing just a little bit.. Who am I kidding I was having a full on freak out. I got all my gear in my car and it was pouring rain not like a heavy sprinkle.. FULL on pouring rain. Usually when I have a session booked and it starts to rain it really doesn’t phase me but going to shoot a wedding it made me extra nervous.

Thankfully when I got there is settled down and honestly I am in love with how their images turned out.

Im going to show you the behind the scenes of the day and also if you were a guest be sure to scroll all the way down for guest dancing photos!!

I know there’s a lot missing but I could only fit so many and I fit as many as I could!!!! Happy scrolling!

Counting on her girl friend to not only be her bridesmaid but also her hair dresser!
The groom details are something that I love and I feel they never get enough attentions!!
Did we watch Youtube to fix his tie.. Yes,yes we did!
I am pretty sure this is my all time favorite photo!!
These were a something different for me I don’t think I’ve ever just taken the bridesmaids aside and taken their photo! I think its something I will start doing because I love the out come of these!!!

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